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Starting a small business
Limited company formation with 3UPNET®, free company and web name search, no paper forms to sign and your limited company will be ready to commerce in around five to seven hours.


    Company Formation Services

Cost effective and fast UK Limited company formation printed certificate of incorporation, memorandum, articles and first board minutes, we form your company with you only as the first director and shareholder, other agents form companies using their own directors then resign and transfer the shares and authority to you.

The presence of these agent directors and shareholders will lead to confusion delay and extra cost for you when opening bank accounts, or anything involving credit transactions or business lease arrangements. The reason is that anyone doing a search of your company will find the first shareholders were not yourselves but some one else, they will then ask proof that the shares have been transferred to you and to confirm that in fact you are the owner of your own company. 

Services Basic Standard Executive 3UPNET Guarantee
Average Time five to seven hours Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Company name search Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web site name search Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bound memorandum & articles No One copy Two copy Two copy Two copy
Printed Certificate of incorporation No Yes Yes Yes Yes
First board minutes No No Yes Yes Yes
Loose leaf, hard back company register No No Yes Yes Yes
3UPNET® starter web site No No No Yes No
250 high quality matte business cards No No No Yes No
Intended for not for profit companies (e.g. social clubs and charities)* No No No No Yes
Prices £99.99 £149.99 £179.99 £249.99 £199.99

    Additional Company Services

Service Price
Change of name £25.00
Change of registered office £25.00
Appointment as director £25.00
Appointment as secretary £25.00
Terminating appointment as director £25.00
Terminating appointment as secretary £25.00
Vat registration £100.00

*A Company Limited by Guarantee is a type of company that does not have a share capital or shareholders and is usually formed to manage a charity or not for profit organisation such as a sports club or political party.

Rather than having shareholders a limited by Guarantee Company will have guarantors (or trustees), such individuals enjoy limited liability status but guarantee to pay a predetermined sum (usually £1) in the event of winding up the company.

What is the difference between a Guarantee company and a Company limited by shares?

A company limited by guarantee does not have a share capital or shareholders. Such companies also have a list of predetermined objects stipulated in their Articles of Association, the objects define what the company will do and usually include a clause to restrict the directors from paying out any profits to the trustees, but rather to reinvest any profits in fulfilling the company's objects.

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