Terms & Conditions

By using our Site, you accept these Terms & Conditions and you are agreeing to abide by them. If you do not agree to them, please refrain from using our Site.

We may revise these Terms & Conditions at any time by amending this page. You are expected to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes we may make, as such changes are binding on you. Some of the provisions contained in these Terms & Conditions may also be superseded by provisions or notices published elsewhere on our site.

1. These Terms & Conditions apply to all orders and supersede all other. Receipt of acknowledgement of order by you, constitutes your acceptance that our conditions are the only conditions that apply to the contract notwithstanding any purported terms put forward by you.

2.1 Account: payment shall be made in full by the end of the month following the month in which the invoice is raised, unless special settlement terms have been agreed by us in writing.
2.2 Non-Account: payment is required before the delivery.
2.3 No work will commence until we receive signed design proof sheet and a deposit of 75% from the total amount to be paid. Your delivery can be booked only when we have received the other 25% of the total amount into our bank account. (Please note we cannot book your printed products delivery if there is any outstanding balance!)
2.4 Discount: any discounts are offered on the strict understanding that accounts are paid by the due date. We reserve the right to invoice any such discounts to accounts which become overdue.
2.5 Cheque Payments, please make cheques payable to 3UPNET Ltd. Allow 5 working days for funds to clear before receiving delivery.
2.6 Bank Transfer, quote your job reference number or company's name on bank remittance.
2.7 BACS, allow 3 working days for the funds to clear into the account before receiving delivery
2.8 Please note due to high banking costs we no longer accept cash, debit and credit cards.
2.9 All prices shown in this website are exclusive of VAT, the VAT will be added where it’s applicable.

3.1 No goods or services will be delivered on accounts which remain unpaid 14 days after payment is due. (Please note the websites and emails may stop working.)
3.2 We reserve the right to charge you for any legal or collection charges where it is necessary to obtain payment from you of an overdue account through a third party or court proceedings.

4.1 The risk in the goods shall pass to you on delivery.
4.2 All goods delivered or not, remain our property until payment is received in full.
4.3 Until such time as payment is made, you shall retain such goods separately from other goods and clearly mark them in such a way that they can be readily identified as being our property and any payment received by you for sale of such goods must be held in a separate account in trust for us. In the event of non-payment for such goods, we will without loss of any rights or remedy remove from your possessions those goods belonging to us in accordance with these conditions and we shall be entitled to enter upon the property where goods are sorted to repossess and remove the same. You hereby grant us an irrevocable licence to enter your premises for the said purposes.

We reserve the right to alter any details of products advertised without notice and while every effort is made to describe goods accurately in the advertisement, no warranty is given as to accuracy and no responsibility will be accepted for error or misdescription and any resulting loss.

Order are accepted subject to our right to adjust prices quoted to take account of any changes in the law or government regulations requiring us to increase prices by way of direct taxation, import duties, customs and excise duties or otherwise. The prices are based on Today’s current costs of production and in the event of any increase in wages or costs of materials to us occurring after the confirmation of accepted contract; we shall be entitled to charge such increases to you.

Every effort will be made to deliver on time, but any delivery day specified is a best estimate and no liability is accepted for any loss arising from delay or error in the delivery of goods. All deliveries will be charged at the prevailing rates applying at the date of such delivery.

We shall be deemed to have fulfilled our contract by delivery of quantity within 5% plus or minus of the quantity of printed goods ordered and you will be charged at the contract rate for the quantity delivered.

The entire copyright throughout the world in all printing plates, litho positives and negatives, artwork, designs, photographic transparencies, negatives or positives and any other artistic craftsmanship made by or for 3UPNET Ltd pursuant to or in implementation of any contract with the customer shall belong to 3UPNET Ltd and its licensors.

If we have not been given printing approval after 14 days a 25% charge of the total value of the original order will be made plus a £10 administration fee.

If we have not been notified after 14 days, a 5% charge of the total value of the original order will be made plus a £10 administration fee.

The contract between us (3UPNET Ltd) and the customer shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with English Law.

Complaints must be made within 48 hours of receiving your goods. Any complaints made after this time period are void of any right to refund or reprint.

Please note that we only provide our services to end user businesses, not to distributors, resellers or other designers!


1. We do not accept responsibility nor do make any warranty that the domain name(s) requested by the Customer will be accepted for registration in the register of the Naming Organisation nor we will be liable for any costs of the Customer incurred if the application for Registration is unsuccessful.
2. We do not accept responsibility for any liability to third parties for breach of their Intellectual Property Rights in relation to the domain name(s) requested by the Customer.
3. Please note that we only provide our services to end user businesses, not to resellers or other designers!